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05-Jun-2017 00:53

You would just want to make sure you have the money if this happens.That is why you take it up front and pay yourself each month when the rent is due.If they have made all payments for a year up front, that will be tough to boot em. I passed on a similar tenant app from a realtor who wanted to pay 6 months up front, claimed to just have bad credit but I was not impressed with the sob story. Follow your normal due diligence and make sure they qualify. I have had some 1099 people willing to do this for a good reason but others were trying to hide something. If you are going to rent them and they want to give all money in advance TAKE IT!

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I had someone ask because they just got a huge commission check, and they knew that they weren't good at saving money, so they wanted to have that money out and paid. Do the same credit and background checks as normal.

It has only been a few months and everything is perfect.